Zoning Board of Appeals


Caseville Township Zoning Board of Appeals

Variance Application

The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) consists of 5 members appointed by the Township Board.

The rationale and reasons why a conclusion is made shall contain the following as a minimum:
1. If the property cannot be used in conformance with the ordinance without the requested variance.
2. If the problem is due to a unique situation not shared in common with nearby property owners.
3. If granting the variance would not alter the essential character of the area.
4. If the problem requiring the variance was not self created.

All 4 of the above points must be found true, or in the affirmative, or a variance shall not be granted.

The ZBA members are:
Chair Steve Watkins
Vice Chairperson Wendall Shier
Secretary Adam Hollingsworth
Member Jerry Platko
Member Frank Konke

Caseville Township Hall is located at 6767 Main Street in Caseville.
It is on the corner, across from the old Shell Station,and where the traffic light used to be. 

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