Garbage Pickup

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Garbage pick-up for Caseville Township is Monday morning.

Please have your garbage at the curbside by 6:00 AM that day.  

Caseville Township contracts with Emterra Environmental for garbage pickup.

 Per township ordinance, all parcels within the township that have a house on the property, whether occupied or not, are subject to this fee. 

 All payments must be mailed directly to Emterra - we can not accept payments for garbage at the Township Office.  The new bill for the 2024-2025 calendar year will be mailed in April 2024

To contact Emterra, please call toll free -  877-609-6753  


We have received complaints about the condition and appearance of the wire cages used to protect garbage from the wildlife in the township.

The wire cages at curbside shall not be used for the daily accumulation of garbage.  Garbage in approved bags may be placed in wire cages the night before the scheduled pickup day, or on the last day of your occupancy.

Cages at curbside must be constructed of a frame and wire screen design.  Cages must be kept clean, free of all materials, and kept in good repair.

No trash of any kind shall be accumulated on a vacant lots or wooded areas.

Emterra does take large items, please call in advance and let them know you will be setting a large item out.

*New this year all mattresses require a plastic mattress cover or they will not take them.


Caseville Township Hall is located at 6767 Main Street in Caseville.
It is on the corner, across from the old Shell Station,and where the traffic light used to be. 

T:989 856 3053
F: 989 856 9653